February 2014

Pew Research: Teen Relationship with Facebook is Complicated and Evolving 

    As Facebook marks its 10th anniversary this month, Pew Research Center reports that among teens, the total number of users remains high — 73 percent of teens 12 to 17 years old are on the social media site. Focus group research reports that the teen relationship with Facebook is complicated and evolving.

    The Pew Research Center teen focus group participants spoke negatively about the increasing adult presence on Facebook (57 percent of adults say they have a Facebook account), the high stakes of managing self-presentation on the site, the burden and “drama” of negative social interactions, or feeling overwhelmed by friends who share too much information.

    While Facebook was once known as the social media of choice for the young and trendy, researchers say 13- to 25- year-olds are moving away to messaging apps and mobile sites such as Vine, WeChat, WhatsApp, Instagram, Line and Snapchat.

    Overall, when Facebook users of all ages were asked about the frequency of certain Facebook behaviors, most users tend to “like” content that others have posted and comment on photos as the activities they engage in most often.

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